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Last Update 4 years ago

For the best experience, we recommend using Chrome though any modern browser such as Safari, Edge or Firefox will also be fine. Internet Explorer has now been deprecated by Microsoft, who actively advise against using the product. As such, if you're trying to access the event on Internet Explorer you may encounter issues.

You may also want to whitelist the email address "[email protected]" in order to receive any communications sent out regarding the event. If you attempt to reset your password, you will need to be able to receive email from this default address in order to do so. Please check your junk folders if initially you aren't receiving the email. If the email is not in your junk folders you will need to contact your network administrator as the email is probably being filtered as spam by your mail server.

In addition, if your firewall is not letting you access the event you will need to whitelist the domain "". Contact your network administrator if this is not something you are able to do on your device.

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